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Thank you for your interest in our Hounds.  The Irish Wolfhound is not a dog to be acquired without serious forethought.  Irish Wolfhounds are very large, rough-coated, hounds built for strength and speed.  Because of their great size the correct amount of exercise is essential to their well-being.  The "ideal" home consists of a fenced property large enough to accommodate the galloping nature of this athletic sight hound. 


The successful Wolfhound owner will respond positively to the IW's gentle nature which is a hallmark of this wonderful Breed.  The Irish Wolfhound does best when human companionship is the core of his daily life.   They thrive as part of a healthy family environment.  A sensitive dog, the Irish Wolfhound puppy's development requires a forgiving. positive environment, and in return a mature Irish Wolfhound provides a calm presence and unqualified love within it's family circle.

Bainbridge Irish Wolfhounds does NOT produce puppies to meet a market demand.   But rather as a preservation breeder, we breed with a specific objective in mind - and therefore PLAN our potential litters accordingly.   


We will occasionally have puppies available and welcome all inquires.

We are located in Southwestern Ohio near Cincinnati,  and ALWAYS welcome the opportunity to share our Hounds and our home with everyone in love with this wonderful Breed.  

Phone:  513-398-4534


FB:  Bainbridge Irish Wolfhound Group

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