Loki (CH. Bainbridge Sphinx Of The Ice Realm O'Devlon)

Loki is our big, sweet, and quiet boy who enjoys the company of both his two-legged and four-legged companions. A great example of both strength and smooth effortless motion, Loki easly finish his AKC championship as a young 'teenager". Unfortunately he lost most of his tail due to an accident which prematurely ended his show career. He is the successful sire of several litters already producing both conformation champions as well as Lure Coursing Field Champions.

Loki is the son of Fagan and Leia - and grandson to both Keara and Taryn. We love him for his sweet loving companionship!


Our Boys


Ryan (GCH. Zane of Tir Na Nog)

Ryan is our big boy, our sweet buddy. He loves "his girls" in our kennel, who he chases after all day long. On the other hand, inside the house he is calm and dreams the sweetest dreams in the living room in front of the fire place. During our walks, he is loving and friendly, and enjoys attracting everyone's attention. Ryan is doing very well at shows, he finished his Championship at 15 months and this year gained his AKC Grand Championship before his 3rd birthday.

Ryan came to us from the Tir Na Nog Kennel in Eden, NY - thanks to Rainer and Pam Sticht for this wonderful boy!



Elliot (Wolfhenge Crowsong)

Elliot traveled the long way from Sweden to us - the boy we were waiting for since many many years. This wonderful young Irish Wolfhound male combines all the features that make this breed so special to us - he is friendly and happy, self-confident and smart. Gentle and loving, careful around everything and everybody smaller than him. His patience seems to be never ending - and this makes him the favorite victim for all our puppies and young dogs, who are all addicted to their big friend Elliot

Special Thanks to Sofie Ankarskar to trusted us and let Elliot live with us!











Our Girls


Joy (CH. Hella vom Elsengrund)

Joy is a dog who will go through thick and thin with everybody she loves. She lives perfectly up to her name - Joy is joy for everyone. Now, being a "senior" she has developed a very charming, very strong will - she has seen everything and knows exactly what she wants. Always friendly, always gentle and always happy with a big smile on her face - and ready for begging for a special treat - she knows how to get her way. Joy never had to fight or argue get the respect from any other dog - she is the dominant female in our pack, without ever showing any aggression.

Joy was born in Germany, lived with Nadine in Switzerland and Austria before they moved together into the United States.


Leia (CH. Bainbridge Princess Leia Organa)
Leia is from our girl Taryn's first litter, and the moment she was born it was clear Leia would stay with us. Leia is power, Leia is energy, Leia is poetry in motion - since she was a puppy, she simply loves to run. Leia's personality is incomparable with everything we knew before - it seemed like it would be impossible that Leia ever could be tired. At one year, our wild Princess Leia finally calmed down a bit and has completed her AKC Championship - in addition to having received her AKC Lure Coursing Licence. Leia always enjoys a good tummy rub and a lazy evening in front of the tv - at least until the door to the backyard opens and she gets the chance to play tag with her 4-legged pals! For nothing in the world would we want to miss a single day with our wild red girl...


Mia (Danae of Cnoc Greina)

Mia alias our "oops" girl - no "oops" that cannot happen to her... She is the most clumsy Irish Wolfhound I have ever met - and in her clumsiness, she is absolutely adorable. Born on Halloween, she got a kind of "trick or treat" personality! ... and Mia would prefer the "treat" 24 hours, 7 days a week. Mia's 2nd passion right after food is lure coursing - chasing after the white plastic bunnies is something she loves. 3rd passion for Mia is to flop down on top of people to make sure she gets all the attention she deserves.

Mia is a daughter of Joy, born in Europe and moved with her together into the US in the age of 15 month


Keara (Bronwyn of Cnoc Greina)

Keara is an incredibly sweet and loving girl. Everybody she meets is her best friend immediately - even if she sees somebody in the distance, she starts waving her wild tail. To see Keara running leaves no question the Irish Wolfhound is a sighthound, a wonderful combination of power and elegance. She loves body contact, and loves to lay as close as possible to anyone - and it is absolutely secondary if this is a human, a dog or a cat... Keara LOVES to snuggle

Keara was born in Switzerland, and came to the United States at 11 weeks.


Mo (CH. Amazing of Cnoc Greina)

Mo is a capricious princess and wild warrior. She never bothered about her "small" size - her ego is all the bigger, and tells her, she is always right! She brings action into her surrounding, and she loves to be in the middle of all the happenings. Mo is a keen and successful huntress, she is smart and tricky. She loves to play and proves everybody a liar who thinks an Irish Wolfhound has to be lazy! Mo can be somewhat uppish sometimes, especially if things do not go the way she wants - loads of personality in an elegant frame - as a princess has to be

Mo is born in Switzerland and is the 3rd of our dogs who moved with Nadine to the United States.


Norah (GCH. Bainbridge Norah Jones)
Sweet Norah completed her AKC Championship at just 15 months with an outstanding 5 pt Major - and then finished her Grand Championship just a few months later.. Norah is the daughter from Keara. The decision to keep her was fast and clear - she was as a puppy already a real beauty - but excelled by far with her loving, sweet and still independent personality. The expression in her eyes is incomparable, so she grows into a pretty spoiled little girl, who gets away with way too many things because of her charming way to respond to our our unsuccessful attempts to teach her good behavior. Nonetheless. She is sensitive , playful and curious, a beautiaul black IW who fills our hearts with joy and laughter every single day. A special little girl already, who gives us so much in a way just this wonderful breed is able to.



Sadly missed


Quinn (Kajon's Quinn)
Quinn was a calm but very proud boy and the silent leader of our dog-pack. He has sired 4 litters, and has given his nice personality and his extremely soft expression forward to all his children. Without being "pushy", Quinn was just always "there" the silent companion at our side. Quinn died in his sleep in the age of 7 years - his whole life he had never been sick before. We miss him every day...


Taryn (Laticia vom Elsengrund)
Taryn was an extremely sweet girl with a very strong personality, and always knew exactly what she wanted. She was devoted to her family - never left them out of her sight. On the day of her arrival she bonded with Scott - it was love from the first moment. Daddy's girl her whole life. She was a wonderful caring and lovely mother for her puppies - we lost her much too early due to an overreaction to the anesthesia while delivering her last puppy from her 2nd litter with a -section. The pain about loosing this wonderful girl is huge - we will see you again!